Funk Side Jazz Side

  • Just Ain't What It's Not
  • Breakfast Jam
  • Cold to the Bone
  • You Are Mine
  • Eleven
  • Lonely Being Right
  • The Yogi
  • Strip 2000
  • Not a Dream
  • Forty-Six
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    The Ken Clark Organ Trio gives you originals in funk, soul, rock, and jazz styles. Instrumentation includes organ, vocals, guitar, drums, percussion, and saxophone. Ken is a master on Hammond organ and is lead vocalist. Side A is Funk and Side B is Jazz.

    The Ken Clark Organ Trio - Dr. Organstein

  • Goodbye Mr. Smith
  • 2 Young
  • Ella In The Belly
  • Unconditional Groove
  • Lovelocks
  • Naima's Knee
  • The Rhapsody I Hear
  • Jinkies
  • Hear The Tracks & Buy It At CDBaby!

    This is the 4th Ken Clark Organ Trio cd. They have been performing around New England and the eastern U.S. for the past 15 years.

    "Organist Ken Clark, guitarist Mike Mele, and drummer Steve Chaggaris lean on the beat, (high stepping funk, shuffle boogaloo back beat ballad), build dynamic climaxes sprinkle in jazz solos and deliver the goods. Clark controls the B3 like a master: hip bass lines, sizzling chordal washes, feel-good riffs, funky blues lines and syncopated accents figure in the mix. The groove, the sonic power of the organ and a soulful message are a forceful combination for reaching the people, all the way from the church to the dance floor. Can't beat the feeling." ~ Owen Cordle, Jazz Times

    "You might be skeptical about listening to the a CD without a bass player, but from the opening bars of the first track, school is in session! Organist Ken Clark has a punchy, thick bass tone that rivals Rocco's, and he grooves like a funky S.O.B. His right hand is pretty happening, too. A must hear for fans of jazzy, funky groove music." ~ Bass Player Magazine


    The Extended Play Sessions - Live from the Fallout Shelter (Full Concert)

    The Extended Play Sessions - Live from the Fallout Shelter (Song Clips)

    ...About last night...

    Posted by Ken Clark Organ Trio on Thursday, August 3, 2017

    The Ken Clark Organ Trio at The Spotlight Tavern

    The Ken Clark Organ Trio finished the night at The Spotlight Tavern with a rocked-out jam that lit the place up. Recorded in Beverly, MA on March 10, 2017. These guys are accomplished musicians with fun entertaining energy of the highest order. The lineup is: Ken Clark on vocals and keys, Steve Chaggaris on percussion and Mike Mele on guitar.

    Posted by Barnes Multimedia on Sunday, March 12, 2017